The Sixth Form Week


For those in VI.I the weekly timetable will contain 40 teaching lessons from Monday to Friday, which consist of eight lessons for each subject, four Enrichment Programme lessons and four Games lessons. There is no Sixth Form teaching on Saturday mornings but, from time to time, Sixth Formers are required to come into School on Saturday morning. If a Sixth Former falls behind with his work he may be asked to come in on a Saturday morning to catch up. For those in the second year of the Sixth Form the weekly timetable is the same, except that most students study three A Levels for eight lessons a week and therefore have eight private study periods a week. The Enrichment programme takes place in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. Boys studying a subject at HMSG will travel by minibus to and from HMSG.

Enrichment Programme

During the first year in the Sixth Form, students will undertake an Enrichment Programme, which is designed to give them opportunities to broaden their horizons (and, in some cases, to gain additional qualifications) alongside their subjects. Students who fail to show the necessary level of effort and/or attainment may be required to use their Enrichment Programme lessons for supervised private study. During the second year in the Sixth Form, some students will take part in an Enrichment Programme which will run for the Michaelmas Term only. Enrichment is optional for those doing four A Levels. Further Mathematics will be taken during the Enrichment Programme. There is also the opportunity of using Enrichment periods for supervised private study.


Students in the Sixth Form are expected to spend approximately 15 hours a week working in their own time on their academic subjects.


The compulsory games programme is organised through a preference system. For those not required for major sports (rugby, rowing, soccer and cricket) a wide range of alternative activities are offered. These usually include weight training, cross-country running, tennis, athletics, golf and basketball. For planning and organisational purposes allocation to an activity is for a minimum of one term. Games are optional for VI.2 in the Summer Term. The fitness suite in the Sports Centre is available to Sixth Formers from 1.45pm to 2.40pm daily. The Head of Physical Education, Mr D. M. Vickers, will advise on other available times.