Boarding in the Sixth Form

Buchanan House BedroomSixth Form boarders are given a real sense of responsibility and independence in this crucial stage of their education.

VI.1 boarders are now the most senior members of the middle boarding houses Weirhead, New and School and are encouraged to provide positive role models for the younger pupils by offering support and guidance. Most VI.1 pupils will be in single study bedrooms although occasionally they are allocated a twin bedroom with another Sixth Former.

By the time boys reach VI.2 they will have begun to make plans for the future and have started to make the transition from schoolboy to student. To ease this transition, all VI.2 boarders are members of Buchanan House, the Sixth Form boarding house which opened in September 2011. It is a beautiful environment, designed to provide the perfect balance between guidance and independence. Each study bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and internet access to ensure we create the ideal work environment. Here pupils develop the independent learning skills which are essential for success at university. The Housemaster and tutors will be encouraging each boy to learn basic skills such as simple cookery, managing finances, coping with laundry and how to balance work and social commitments. All of these skills will be vital in not just coping, but excelling at university.

Set in landscaped grounds, Buchanan House and its next door neighbour, the Sixth Form Centre, will form the hub of Sixth Form life. We hope boys will feel a real sense of privilege in this, their final year at Monmouth School.

Outside of Buchanan House v2