Boarding Houses

Chapel House (aged 9 - 13)

A dedicated boarding house for boys aged 9-13
Outside of Chapel House v2

Chapel House – a beautiful Georgian building – is the boarding house for boys aged 9 to 13; it has boys from Preps III and IV (Years 5 and 6) of the Grange (Monmouth Preparatory School) as well as from Form I and II (Years 7 and 8) of Monmouth School.

The house has a large garden with lawns for playing on (very popular for football!), trees and shrubs for making dens and a vegetable garden with fruit trees.

It is very much a “home from home”. As well as the house parents, resident house tutors and a matron, we have a resident assistant who keeps an eye on the younger boys, supervising their homework, listening to them read every night, helping them to organise their time and belongings and making sure they eat properly. We encourage all of the boys to keep in close contact with their parents; many boys Skype their parents and keep in touch by email and phone.

Mealtimes are a family occasion. Boys eat a home-cooked breakfast and supper in the cosy dining room, and the staff eat with them. We try to encourage the boys to have good table manners!

Outside school hours the boys have a busy and fun-filled programme of activities on evenings and weekends, many of which they share with the junior boarders at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls and Inglefield House.

Eating at Chapel House  Chapel House Stairs  Chapel House Games

Middle Houses (aged 14 - 17)

Middle HouseBy the time they get to the middle school, boys are looking for a little more freedom and independence, but still need the security of a family environment and a safe place where they can lead a productive and happy school life. This is what we aim to provide in our middle school boarding houses.

There are three boarding houses in the middle school: New House, School House and Weirhead House, all on the main school campus and each with their own, unique atmospheres. There is a healthy rivalry between them – boys participate in inter-house competitions that include the day houses in everything from chess and drama to rugby and five-a-side.

The lower sixth boys enjoy a level of responsibility within the houses, which prepares them for being prefects or monitors the following year. They take it in turns to do prep duty at Chapel House, supervising the younger boys and getting to know them.

The boys eat all of their meals in the school dining room, though they can make snacks and hot drinks in the house.

Our boys work and play hard; they have a full and varied programme of activities, mostly in conjunction with the girls’ school. In the evenings they often swim or play games in the sports hall, and many take advantage of the gym on campus. Weekends might find them dry skiing, quad biking, canoeing or going to the cinema. They also enjoy trips into town and meeting friends from the girls’ school. We encourage the boys to stay in school on weekends whenever possible, and with so much going on most of them are only too glad to do this.

Middle House - Bedroom Middle House - Stair well Middle House - Study Area

Buchanan House (aged 17 - 18)

The final year of school is both an important and an exciting one, with A-levels on the horizon and the end of school in sight. Boys are ready by this stage to spread their wings a little. To give them more independence, in VI.2 (Year 13) boys move into Buchanan House, which acts as a transition between school and university or college.

Outside of Buchanan House v2

The accommodation – brand new in 2011 – is modern and comfortable. Each boy has his own study bedroom with en-suite bathroom and internet access.

We encourage the boys to look after themselves, manage their finances and prioritise their time, without compromising their studies.
The house has a garden as well and a large yard – even sixth formers aren’t too old for a kick-around – as well as several common rooms with a pool table and table tennis.

Although meals are still provided in the school dining room, we encourage the boys to use the house kitchen to make snacks and learn some basic cooking skills in readiness for student life next year.

Buchanan House BedroomA bedroom in Buchanan House