Learning Support

The Study Support department aims to enable all pupils to reach their full potential.

We are a dedicated department where pupils throughout the school can receive the support they require, gain confidence in their abilities and develop strategies to enable them to become independent learners.

All school staff are encouraged to become involved in this process and to recognise their responsibility for the education of pupils with specific difficulties.

All  staff keep up-to-date with  pupils’ needs through the Study Support Register.

Boys are assessed on entry but can be referred at any time throughout their school career, either by staff or their parents. Support is either full-time or short term (short term is usually three to four sessions).

Pupils are usually taught individually and during a slot suitable to their own timetable. In the junior section of the school there is an emphasis on spelling and comprehension skills as well as personal organisation and handwriting.

GCSE pupils are offered more tailored approaches to their study skills and are encouraged to develop their writing and subject-specific skills.

Where appropriate, access arrangements are available for public exams. The department will screen and assess pupils to determine whether they are eligible for concessions. The purpose of these is to establish a level playing field for all pupils without giving an unfair advantage. All access arrangements are undertaken and inspected by the strict JCQ guidelines.

Who do we support?

Any pupil who requires extra support to access the curriculum, typically:

  • Pupils with dyslexia or literacy difficulties
  • Pupils with organisational difficulties
  • Pupils with mild Asperger syndrome or mild autistic spectrum disorders
  • Pupils with numeracy difficulties
  • EAL pupils
  • Sixth formers who need organisational skills and/or study skills