Academic Results 2016

A level results joy at Monmouth School

A level pupils celebrated a glowing set of results at Monmouth School.

The hard work and dedication of sixth formers and staff paid off with almost one in three candidates gaining all A* or A grades.

Monmouth School enjoyed its best set of results in four years, with 50.2% A* – A grades and three quarters of all grades A* – B. Three boys, Freddie, Dan and Sam all achieved four A*s.

Head Boy, Sam, will take up his place to study maths at Oxford after achieving a remarkable 4 A*s and 100% in his physics paper.

The 1st XIII rower said: “I was really nervous but excited this morning – my hands were shaking over my cup of tea! I was genuinely surprised and relieved when I opened UCAS to see my offer was confirmed.”

Zac was awarded two A*s and an A and is excited to begin reading medicine at Oxford.

He said: “I mostly felt relief when I opened my results. All the hard work has paid off and I’m looking forward to what’s next – it means a lot.”

Freddie’s four A*s will enable him to study medicine at King’s College London.

He said: “Both of my parents are farmers, so I’ll be the first medic in the family. I’m thrilled with my results. I’m hoping to specialise in forensic psychology or surgery and I’m very excited about embarking on my medical career.”

Dr Andrew Daniel, Headmaster of Monmouth School, said: “Such strong results have allowed Monmouth School boys to take up places at their universities of choice, including Oxford and Cambridge, and the elite Russell Group Universities.  We are particularly pleased that the boys achieved such excellent results alongside being involved in many other activities: many of our most committed sportsmen and musicians, for example, achieved outstanding grades.  This is the hallmark of Monmouth School – the boys certainly work extremely hard in their academic studies, and achieve outstanding results, but they also make highly valued contributions to a wide range of other activities in School.”

Boys celebrate outstanding GCSE results

Focus and determination paid off as pupils celebrated outstanding GCSE and IGCSE results at Monmouth School.

43% of all grades were A*. Eleven boys gained at least eight A*s, and two pupils, Oli and Richard, achieved 11 A*s.

An impressive 68.6% of all grades were A* to A, 20 boys gained all A*s and As, and three candidates achieved a clean sweep of A*s.

oliOli put in a huge amount of work to achieve his excellent results.

He said: “It’s such a nice feeling to know all the effort paid off in the end.

“If you’ve got the right grades it means you can go anywhere you want – they’re a passport for life.

“Teachers at Monmouth have been so supportive. They kept me calm at stressful times.

“My advice to pupils taking GCSEs is to trust your teachers and do what they say.

“It’s also really important to take breaks and distract yourself from studying from time to time because otherwise the stress builds up.

“I love photography, so I went for lots of walks and took pictures when I needed a distraction.”

Will, who has come up through the Haberdashers’ Schools from nursery at Agincourt, achieved nine A*s and an A.

He said: “I set myself targets to complete a chapter or a topic at a time – it’s a lot more rewarding that way.

“Going for a run in the mornings definitely helped me to clear my head too.

“I was very happy when I saw my results this morning.”

Pupils also performed well in the more challenging IGCSE examinations.

At the boys’ school, A*/A grades were awarded to 84.6% of biology papers, 83.1% of physics exams, 78.4% of chemistry papers and 74.5% of history candidates.

Dr Andrew Daniel, Headmaster of Monmouth School, said: “The jewel in the crown is that our percentage A* has increased to a superb 43%.  This reflects very well indeed on the great efforts of our students, and is particularly impressive given that many of these boys are very actively involved in our extra-curricular programmes. The staff and I are so proud of the achievements of this year group, and they have certainly set the foundations for excellence in the sixth form at Monmouth School.”

Academic Results 2015

2015 A Level Results…

A Level Results 2015 - MS GroupA level pupils celebrated a glowing set of results at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools. The hard work and dedication of pupils and staff paid off with almost one in three students gaining all A* or A grades.

William B and Will AMonmouth School gained its second highest percentage of A* grades with 22.3% of all exams being awarded the coveted A* grade.  45.2% of exams were graded A* or A and four boys achieved an astonishing 4 A* grades with a further seven gaining 3A* grades.  The following pupils were awarded 4A*s and will take up their places at Oxford: Tim to read chemistry, James to read engineering, William to read mathematics and Ben to read physics.

Harri, Tom, Jamie, Matthew, Jordan, Joel and David all pulled off a hat-trick of A*s. Deputy Head Boy, Jamie, will take up his place to study English literature at King’s College, Cambridge. Ben gained 1 A* and 3 A grades to wrap off a summer which also saw him win a national computing competition as part of team Buoy, alongside Harri.

Dr Andrew Daniel, who has just taken up the post of Headmaster at Monmouth School, said:

William U“Monmouth School boys can be hugely proud of the excellent set of A Level results that they have received today, and they have made my first week as Headmaster a very happy one!  The boys have worked extremely hard and made great progress in their final year in our School, and I thank the hard-working staff of Monmouth School for their caring and expert support.  No less than 29 boys achieved at least three A grades.  It is particularly pleasing that many of our high performers have also achieved excellence in a wide range of other activities at Monmouth School, with leading sportsmen and musicians receiving many top grades.  As our boys move into a wide range of exciting university courses they leave us as confident and assured young men.”

2015 GCSE Results…

GCSE Results MS GroupFocus and determination paid off as pupils celebrated outstanding GCSE and IGCSE results at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.

At Monmouth School, 30% of boys achieved 10 or more A* to A grades and there were 14 pupils, in the cohort of 89, with eight or more A* grades.

GCSE Results - MS Boys 1Matthew, who was pivotal in a project to recreate a true-scale version of Monmouth School in online game Minecraft, was awarded 11 A*s.

He said: “I haven’t been this excited for a while – I’d prepared myself for worse results but this is the best possible outcome by a mile.

“There is honestly no substitute for revision and hard work. I studied for up to six hours a day at Christmas time and then upped it over Easter leading to exams.

“If you get your head down, you can do it.”

Matthew hopes to study computer science at university in the future.

Another four boys, James, Will, Calum and Henry were awarded at least 10 A*s.

Budding football star Dan, who plays for the School’s 1st team, is celebrating nine A*s and an A grade.

At Monmouth School 36.2% of all grades were A*s, with 84.4% of pupils gaining A* to Bs.

GCSE Results - MS Boys 2Headmaster Andrew Daniel said: “Following our outstanding A level and AS level results last week, today we can celebrate the very strong GCSE results achieved by Monmouth School. No less than 27 boys were awarded 10 or more A* or A grades. The GCSE results are a great reward for these pupils, given their diligent work to prepare for the examinations.

“With almost two thirds of all grades awarded at A* or A, our boys are very well prepared indeed for success in their future studies. I would particularly like to commend this year group for the impressive academic progress that they have made, under the careful guidance of our expert teaching staff.”